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PPSM Chairman – Dato Saharudin Bin Samsudin

Dato Saharudin was the Director (R) of the Logistics Department in the Royal Malaysia Police. He has been in the police force for the past 31 years loyally serving his country. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) from the University of Malaya.

As a young graduate from Perak, Dato Saharudin joined the Royal Malaysia Police Force in 1975. He started out as an Investigative Officer and then rose to be an Officer in Charge of Police District.

After being on the field for 19 years, he was promoted to Contingent Executive Officer in 1996 and put in charge of human resource management. In this area, he excelled and made a significant impact in the organisation. He was soon promoted to the Principal Assistant Director of Management and was also in charge of human resource management. Four years later he climbed the ranks to be the Deputy Director of Management in the Service and Personnel department. Another year later, he made it to the top to be the Director of Logistics Department where he was involved in the process of planning, designing and monitoring the Royal Malaysian Police Development projects. He held the position for more than one year before he retired from the Royal Malaysian Police in September 2006.

In his many years of experience in the field of Human Resources Management, he had expanded his knowledge and practice into several interesting branches which includes criminal investigations, general operations force function, public order, leadership, confrontation management, financial management, police science (diploma), project planning and management, senior police administrations and public focused police performance.

With all his expereince, skill and passion in Human Resource Development, he certainly fits well into the role as the chairman of PPSM (Pusat Perubahaan Sumber Manusia) Sdn. Bhd.