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Innovative employment of limited resources provides the differentiating edge in the growth and sustainability of organizations. The success of our best plans depends on the contributions of our people. We set KPIs, we monitor progress and we reward performance. The message is clear – performance matters. Do our people know that they matter?

“Imagine an energized workplace where all employees - individuals and groups, look forward to work challenges and deliver their best performances”. This fully customised course will provide goverment employees with

  • A proven approach of changing the mindsets.
  • Gives practical exercises of how to change people in organisations.
  • Eliminates  blindspots,  questions  assumptions, reduces complacency, eliminates unproductive habits and changes attitude.
  • Identifies key issues of organisations and provide suggested solutions.


This 2-day practical, intensive and comprehensive workshop will equip managers and executives with the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to implement change more effectively . As effective staff, some of the benefits you will acquire from this workshop include:-

  • Create a sense of ownership
  • Foster team work
  • Increase productivity
  • Achieve a positive and productive mindsets
  • Develop passion and motivation in their work
  • Build better relationships with employers, employees and customers
  • Resolve key issues
What You Can Expect

"Quality programs can only be sourced from quality people and Victor S.L. Tan belongs to this category" Abdul Halim Shah b. Murad Former Ketua Pengarah, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Undang Undang Jabatan Perdana Menteri

“An excellent course by an excellent presenter! A ‘must have’ course for organizations ”. Raja Nor Ziham, IT Director MATRADE


____________________Day 1

Learning from the Lessons of Change

  • Defining Change in the Asian Environment for the Public Sector
  • Understanding The Changing Needs Of Industries Facing The Ministry
  • Lesson of Change from the Titanic
  • Exercise : Assessing The Implications Of Change For Yourself In The Workplace
  • Identifying the mistakes of complacency in the Government
  • Banishing of the word ‘Kakitangan’
  • The Change winner strategies to up lift public service levels

Changing the Mindsets of People

  • Understanding Your Mindset And That Of Others.
  • Applying the B.A.C.H.A. (Blind Spots, Assumptions, Complacency, Habits, Attitude) In Leading Positive Change with an excellent service oriented mindset
  • Exercise: Changing Yourself: The Journey Of Personal Transformation
  • Understanding The 4 Types Of People And Reasons For Non-Performance
  • Transforming the old government mindsets Through Aligning Thinking, Feeling and Action
  • Transforming your organisation for Peak Performance.

____________________Day 2

Diagnosing Change Issues

  • Diagnosing Change Issues in your Organisation.
  • Developing a S.W.O.T profile of your organization
  • Determining Information Need of People concerning Change.

Developing a Framework for Managing Change

  • The 7 Strategic Steps in Managing Change.
  • Using KPIs to Monitor and Measure the Results of Change.
  • Implementing Successful Change in A Government setting.
  • Rewarding and Motivating people for Successful Change.

Change from Within

  • The Magic Of Personal Change: Positive Personal Action And Productive Results
  • Video Presentation And Discussion: Who Move My Cheese?
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking And action In Your Workplace
  • Developing Change Winners’ Habits At Work
  • Developing Personal Action Plans Case Study: Successful Implementation of Change in an Asian organisation.

Note: This is an example only. All programmes will be specially customised to meet the unique needs of our clients