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"Quality programs can only be sourced from quality people and Victor S.L. Tan belongs to this category"
-Abdul Halim Shah B. Murad
Former Ketua Pengarah,
Jabatan Hal Ehwal Undang Undang Jabatan Perdana Menteri

"The T.F.A. (Thinking, Feeling, Action) analysis explains why my previous change programs have not been successful; it's a powerful tool in Changing Mindsets".
-Mohd Azman Nasir,
Manager, HBN Management Sdn Bhd

"A very effective seminar in changing one's mindset".
-Azhar Rusli
Engineer, Celcom Transmission(M) Sdn Bhd

"The workshop has given me many foresights on how to manage change and consider change from practical aspects"
-Zulkifli Zainal Abidin
Consultant, Quest Consulting Sdn Bhd

"This course will help you to be more positive and succeed in whatever you set out to do"
-David Lim
Purchasing Manager, KL Glass Manufacturers Sdn Bhd.

"Managing Change is a must for all middle and higher level managers. The course creates awareness, acts as a yardstick and reaffirms practice".
-Mohd Sait Ahmad
Senior Assistant Director, Inland Revenue Board.

"This course is extremely helpful to both managers and ordinary employees in any organisation in coping, initiating and managing change".
-Encharang Agas,
Principal Maktab Perguruan Sains, Bintulu, Sarawak.

" An effective program for changing mindsets especially to cope with continuous changes
which are required in the current and future workplace and personal life."
-R.N. Sasi
Process Quality Control Manager, KL Glass Manufacturers Sdn Bhd

"This course is very much needed by all executives to keep abreast with the ever changing world".
- Nik Abdul Aziz Yaakob,
Group Manager, Felda Plantations Sdn Bhd

"This course provides a clear and a comprehensive guide and framework for organisations to undertake Changing Mindsets programs"
- Raja Faridah
Head of Finance, Felda Plantations Sdn Bhd

"This is the best course I have attended in 29 years since I joined Telekom Malaysia. Never a dull moment in 4 days! "Wow is the word." What I have learned is not only applicable in the workplace but it is also applicable for the real life and it makes one a 'whole person' all round".
-Madam Yap Foh Thai
Manager, Kedai Telekom.

"This is a good course that change people's perception of themselves.".
-Zaharizan Binti Mat Zin
Assistant Director, MITI.

"Very good course that provides opportunities to learn something new and interesting".
- Rashidi Said,
Assistant Director, MITI.

"It gave me a better viewpoint, change my attitude, change my perspectives. You must come back to MITI, Again".
- Norehan Che Amat,
Ass. Librarian, MITI.

"The training provide tips on how to change mindset toward implementation of MATRIIX project and it helps me to be aware of the important of commitment from all parties".
- Ahmad Mat Sin,
Deputy Director (ITS), MIDA.

"This course really inspires me to change my mindset and it is a very good course to attend".
- Azhana Mohamed Saleh,
Assistant Director, MIDA.

"Very useful workshop and attractive. Using a simple term and language. Very easy to understand".
-Zaky Moh,
Senior Manager, I.T. Department, SMIDEC.

"This course/seminar really works and very useful not just for the organization but in our life." -Zafina Mohd Akbar,
Promotion and Publishing Department, SMIDEC

"Good Program".
-Mah Lok Abdullah

"I found the speaker to be very knowledgeable and have a good sense of humour. The program was very informative and beneficial. Mr. Victor S.L. Tan provided us with very ample and relevant examples.".
-Nor Mala Bt Ab. Ghani,
Consultant, NPC.

"Excellent Presentation! Good for people who are afraid of change!".
-Wan Fazlin Nadia Wan Osman
Consultant, NPC.

"A very good course which has opened up my mind on change in my life and work. With this course, it helps me to decide to change and be a better person. Very exciting course to attend!".
-Roslinda Ahmad

"An excellent course by an excellent presenter! A `must have' course for organization".
- Raja Nor Ziham,

"The programme is a very enlightening in terms of gaining new knowledge. You will absolutely have a new outlook of changes in the workplace and your life after attending this course.".
- Zuaziezie bin Zulkefli
Trade Officer, MATRADE.