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"Victor Tan with his wealth of first-hand experience in assisting corporations, including Bank Utama, to successfully manage change, speaks with clear authority on the subject".
-YBhg Datuk Effendi Norwawi
Former Chairman, Bank Utama Berhad

"Victor has proven himself to be a responsible person totally committed to provide top quality service to clients. I hold high regard for his level of professionalism and integrity".
- Mr Larry N.L. Gan
Country Managing Partner, Andersen Consulting Sdn. Bhd

"Victor is the leading management consultant in Malaysia. His label as the "Tom Peters of Malaysia" is certainly well-earned."
-Ozair Omar
Former Executive Director, Halim Securities Sdn. Bhd

"Victor Tan has taken a comprehensive look at change management in all aspects and from every standpoint The material is drawn from his wide experience and many years of expertise in this field as a management consultant and an internationally recognised authority on change management."
-Times Business