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The Change Wizards is a jewel of knowledge with proven practical ideas to lead towards positive and productive change. Victor has generously shared his over 25 years of corporate management and consulting experience to help leaders transform their organizations through people. Truly an effective leader today has to be a change wizard.

- Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow, Chairman, Public Bank Berhad

This book is most relevant in the ASEAN context as the issues and solutions he offers are from his real life experiences he gained from undertaking consulting work for organisations in the region. To tap his vast experiences, ASEAN-EC Management Centre had invited Victor to give a series of workshops on Changing Mindsets and Strategic Leadership. I have found his approach to change original and effective. Similarly you will find in this book practical ideas and recommendations that you can apply and help transform your organisation.

- Encik Abdul Ghani Pg. Hj. Metusin, Director, ASEAN-EC Management Centre, Prime Minister’s Office, Brunei Darussalam

I find The Change Wizards a remarkable book with concrete ideas and recommendations on how to go about getting people want to change. Victor has a persuasive style backed up by convincing rationale to inspire people. This book addresses the core of change – changing the mindsets of individuals. In this age of information and global competition, this book will help leaders develop a competitive edge to win in the game of change. I highly recommend all leaders to read this book and start the journey of change.

- Datuk Hj Abdul Rashid bin Haji Bolong, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Kastam Diraja Malaysia

Getting people to change is a fine art. The Change Wizards is a great book that will help managers learn the art of leading and changing people for the better. In this respect, Victor speaks with full authority as he has played an important role in helping some of our clients in the transformation process through his change management consulting work. I will make it mandatory reading for all my managers in HeiTech Padu Berhad.

- Dato’ Mohd Hilmey Mohd Taib, Executive Chairman HeiTech Padu Berhad

You will gain enriching knowledge as Victor shares his in-depth experiences from working as a consultant with over 300 Asian companies. Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad has benefited greatly from Victor’s series of Changing Mindsets program which has helped transformed the thinking of our managers and executives to become more dynamic and progressive.

- Dato’ Haji Zabir Bajuri, President, Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad

It shows leaders how they can lead change in a smarter and less stressful manner. Victor’s knowledge and wisdom as a change guru is most revealing as he shares his insights on how leaders can go about to change the thinking and behavior of his people and in the process transform the organization. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn a better way to change people and organizations.

- Mr N. Fujimori, Executive Vice President, Fujimori Kogyo Co Ltd. Japan

The Change Wizards is a practical book written by a practitioner who has vast experience in assisting companies to manage change. Samsung Corning has the privilege of engaging Victor to assist our company to undertake a transformation initiative to support our Six Sigma implementation. He has played an important role as an external change agent and has created a positive impact with our people through his programmes. I fully recommend change agents to read this book and leverage on the many practical ideas.

- Mr. Kim Keun Yung, Director – Production Division Samsung Corning (M) Sdn Bhd

The Change Wizards is a superb book on change management with a plethora of very beneficial ideas than can be implemented in Asian organizations. Victor certainly earns his title as the change management guru in Asia as he shares his powerful lessons of change in his latest book. His experiences gathered from having worked with hundreds of Asian organizations in the area of managing change certainly provides him many sources of information and realities regarding the change issues facing organizations today.

- Datuk Ir. Ahmad Zaini Mohd Amin , Chief Executive Officer, Telekom Training Centre College, Telekom Malaysia Berhad

The Change Wizards is thought provoking and authentic in its approach in getting people and organizations to change. I like the way Victor communicates complex concepts in simple terms in a powerful manner. The insights provided in this book will leave readers with a solution, renewed sense of inspiration and resolve to change their organizations for a better future.

- Encik Mohd Razif Bin Mohd Yunus, Chief Executive Officer, Institute Jantung Negara



"It is timely that this book is being released as Asian organisations extend their niche in the global market. It will certainly help organisations to manage change both pro-actively and competitively."
-YBhg Tan Sri Dato Dr Teh Hong Piow
President and CEO, Public Bank Berhad

"This book quickly underlines in clear and simple steps some of the vital ingredients in the build-up of a change master"
-Dr Tarcisius Chin
CEO, Malaysian Institute of Management

"This book combines comprehension with commendable brevity and, I believe, deserves to be used as a standard text book".
-YBhg Dato' Francis Yeoh Sock Ping
Managing Director, YTL Corporation

"A practical approach to managing change incorporating pragmatic suggestions which all CEOs who are committed to anticipating change should carefully consider."
-Ranjit Gill
Executive Director, Asean Business Forum

"Issues raised in this book are highly relevant. CEOs and implementors of change should read it for practical suggestions and with minimal pretension".
-IR Haji Ahmad Zaidee Laidin
Director, MARA Institute of Technology

"Victor Tan deserves all the kudos for doing a great job in coming up with a book on managing change... definitely a must read for everyone who wants to be a winner in the corporate game." -Malaysian Industry

" Pick up this book, before it is too late."
-The Edge



"Thoughtful, practical and relevant for today's managers leading Asian enterprises in transforming and competing for a future in the new millennium. Victor's book provides insight into why change happens and the challenges and market opportunities that it brings to a progressive organization. Victor shows readers how a change model can he adopted to harmonise leaders driving change and stakeholders affected by it."
- Chew Liong Kim
Managing Partner, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, Asia Pacific.

"Victor speaks with full authority and creditability on the subject as he has assisted many Asian organizations, including Summarecon Agung, in implementing success change. This is a landmark book that can assist Asian managers and CEOs to change the mindsets of people in organisations. This is a very practical book and it provides proven and hands-on approaches to overcome resistance to change and win people's commitment."
- Soejipto Nagaria
President Director, PT Summarecon Agung, Indonesia.

"Victor certainly provides enlightening lesson on how to unleash the people power in organisations to increase productivity. This book serves as an excellence resource for Asian CEOs and managers who want to implement successful change."
- Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Teng Hong Piow
President & Chief Executive Officer, Public Bank Berhad, Malaysia.

"This book addresses the fundamental need for a change in people if organizations are to be innovative, productive and successful. I find the lessons of change depicted in this book most relevant for Asian organisations. I highly recommended this too for leaders who are committed to transforming their organisations to a higher level of performance."
- Nobuhiko Fujimori
President, Fujimori PlaChemical Co. Ltd.

"Frequently, change effort fails because management does not factor in the different realities that are results of a different mindsets that employees have. This book addresses a very real need for CEOs to become familiar with. In this area, Victor has some excellence ideas to share."
- Tan Lip Heng
Managing Director, Epson Trading Sdn. Bhd.

"This is a powerful book which will transform the way leaders think and work in organisations. Victor draws from his extensive consulting experience and many years of hands-on management experience in the corporate world to provide us the invaluable lessons of dealing with the challenges of change and complexity in the work place. I highly recommend this book to all CEOs and corporate leaders who truly want to champion positive changes in their organisations."
- Young Kuan-Sing
Managing Director & Head of East Asia, Korn/Ferry International Pte.Ltd.

"This excellence book which captures the realistic issues of change facing Asian organisations. The wealth of consulting and management experience shared by the author is most relevant in the Asian context. This is a must-read for all CEOs and managers. It is a most inspiring and compelling book to read and learn about change."
- Tan Kim Poh
Former Group Executive Director, Berjaya Group.



"… Victor's latest book is a must-read for all CEOs and managers who want to increase the performance of their organisations."
- Tan Sri Dato' Dr Teh Hong Piow
President & Chief Executive Officer, Public Bank Berhad, Malaysia.

"This is a powerful book … Read this book before it is too late."
- Mr Chew Liong Kim
Managing Partner, Arthur Anderson Business Consulting,
Asean Chairman of Malaysia Bereau of Consultants

"Victor Tan has, very ably, managed to identify and integrate the crucial elements of good management that all senior managers should be acquainted with in leading their organisations".
- Dr Tarcisius Chin
CEO, Malaysian Institute of Management

"This book helps examine the key elements within you and change your mindset from being a victim to a creative force that will transform your life. It was for this reason that Mr Victor Tan was appointed as a consultant to initiate the corporate culture change programme in Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd."
-Encik Zainal Abdul Ghani
CEO, Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd

"This book addresses the missing link between competency and performance in organisations. Unless leaders in organisations learn to release the trapped minds of individuals, skill-building efforts will not result in higher productivity. Victor's latest book is a mustread for all CEOs and managers who want to increase the performance of their organisations."
-Tan Sri Dato'Dr Teh Hong Piow
President and CEO, Public Bank Bhd

"In my years of handling organisation transformation, I have always been fascinated by the fact that employees can unleash new strengths from within them when their minds are sufficiently tickled into positive action. Victor's book provides excellent insights into this aspect. It has valuable pointers that can help leaders get the best out of the workforce."
-Encik Abdul Samad Mohamed
President., The Chartered Institute of Transport, Malaysia,
CEO, Kelang Container Terminal

"This is a powerful book that can transform the way you lead your organisation in the 21st Century. Victor's message is most timely. I fully agree with Victor that the ability to change mindsets is the most important survival skill in this new millennium. I will make it a must-read book for all my consultants. Read this book before it is too late."
-Mr Chew Liong Kim
Managing Partner, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, Asean
Chairman of Malaysian Bureau of Consultants

"Victor speaks with full authority and credibility on the subject of change having helped many Asian organisations including MAICSA successfully manage change. Victor is a pioneer in the development of conducive mindsets to allow individuals to achieve their maximum potential in the workplace. In this enlightening new book, he draws from his 20 years of experience as a practitioner and a corporate consultant of more than 200 Asian organisations to share on how leaders can help individuals release trapped minds to achieve higher productivity. This book is essential for anyone in a managerial role. "
-Ms Leong Eng Yee
President, The Malaysian Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators

"For as long as I have known him, Victor Tan has been passionate about helping Malaysian organisations manage change with the least amount of necessary pain. This third book of his should prove a boon to managers who need to lead in these difficult times."
-Mr Yip Jin-Soo
Managing Director, Korn/Ferry International Malaysia

"Releasing Trapped Minds is a timely reminder that effective management is a function of the practice of essential management principles, driven, promoted and exemplified by the leaders of organisations. Victor Tan has, very ably, managed to identify and integrate the crucial elements of good management that all senior managers should be acquainted with in leading their organisations."
-Dr Tarcisius Chin
CEO, Malaysian Institute Of Management



"The corporate culture of an organization influences its capability to change, grow and renew itself for conquering new chanllenges and creating new horizons for sustainable growth and performance. Victor's ebook provides a practical approach for corporate leaders driving for a winning culture, which attracts talent and motivates creativity and agility, to compete effectively in the new economy."
- Tan Sri Dato' Dr Teh Hong Piow
President & Chief Executive Officer, Public Bank Berhad, Malaysia.
(The Best Managed Bank in Malaysia)

"In an increasingly changing environment, the corporate culture plays a key role in helping organisations cope woth change. This ebook captures beautifully Victor's philosophies and principles and change management, which he relates from his invaluable experience as change practitioner and consultant. It is due to his invaluable experience and contribution to more than 300 organizations, that we invited Victor Tan to initiate the corporate culture development at Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad. Victor creates a positive impact not only on organizations, but also on individuals. This book is a valuable reference for influences of organisation change. Every CEO and manager should read it."
- Dato' Hj Zabir Bajuri
President, Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Ghd.

"This book is most timely, as organizations today need to develop a strong corporate culture to pull people together and enable them to adapt to the changes around. In this respect, Victor has very ably initiated the corporate culture development in Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd, which certainly is a good and positive start. Read this powerful book; it will certainly benefit you and your organization."
- Datin Paduka Juma'ah Moktar
Deputy President
Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd

"This book contains practical ideas on how an organization can go about building a corporate culture to compete in the marketplace, as well as develop a competent and motivated workforce. Victor Tan speaks with authority as he has successfully helped Wyeth (M) Sdn Bhd with corporate culture development. I fully recommend all CEOs and managers to read this book to extract the useful ideas and put them into practise in their respective organizations."
- Victor Hau
Managing Director
Wyeth (M) Sdn Bhd

"I have personally seen Victor in action while conducting programmes for clients seeking to develop their corporate culture. I find his treatment of the subject most inspirational and effective. I am impressed with his creative and methodical approach towards culture building in organizations. In this latest book, he shares his extensive experience as a consultant who has worked with over 300 Asian organizations and set many on the right path towards positive culture change. This is a powerful book whose time has come and no top management executive, who is committed to pursuing excellence, should miss reading it."
- Dr. Abdul Samad Mohamed
Immediate past President
The Chartered Institute of Transport in Malaysia/
Group Managing Director, NCB Holdings Bhd

'Victor plays a key agent role in helping organizations in Asia to change for the better. In this latest book, he has captured the essence of corporate culture change in Asian organizations. His experience of working as a consultant with over 300 Asian companies is certainly well capitalized, and he generously shares his lessons of corporate culture development in this book. I fully endorse this book and I recommend every CEO, manager and consultant to read it to gain the maximum benefit."
- Chew Liong Kim
Managing Director
Andersen Business Consulting

"Most of us tend to underestimate the importance of corporate culture in an organization. Perhaps we do not understand how corporate culture works to improve the working environment and enhance performance. Victor Tan has very successfully identified the elements that need to be understood and examined for corporate culture to work in an organization. This is an insightful book that should be read by every manager who wishes to develop and promote corporate culture."
- Zainal Abdul Ghani
Chief Executive Officer
Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan (STAR) Sdn Bhd

"Congratulations to Victor Tan for his excellent effort in writing this book. Managing corporate culture change is a very critical element for any organization and it will help determine if the corporation has a sustainable competitive advantage. It is time for organizations to formulate survival and growth strategies in the aftermath of the September 11 incident. It is therefore very important for all corporate citizens to understand how corporate culture influences an organization's performance. Victor has structured the presentation and the content of the book to the extent that it will provide enjoyable reading."
Wan Zaidi Wan Jaafar
Chief Operating Officer
PaduTech Solutions Sdn Bhd
(A wholly-owned subsidiary of HeiTech Padu Bhd)

"It's a must-read for CEOs and top management who see corporate culture change playing an important role in ensuring their organization's long-term survival. This book provides a clear insight into how changing mindsets, developing an achievement culture and building trust can create a natural environment for the company to sustain growth and performance. I am excited that Victor has initiated the sharing of his vast and invaluable experience as a Change Management Consultant with our organization and customers."
- Mohd Sultan Abdul Majeed
Deputy Chief Operating Officer
PaduTech Solutions Sdn Bhd
(A wholly-owned subsidiary of Heitech Padu Bhd)

"It's commonplace these days that organizations are compelled to re-invent themselves - to change in a wholesale fashion - and these changes have to be lasting and have to be embedded in their culture, as new ways of doing things. In this book, Victor speaks from his rich experience in working with CEOs to do just that. I wish more of our candidates for senior corporate positions would dip into it."
-Yeap Jin-Soo
Managing Director
Korn Ferry International, KL